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I then began printing the little images with various colored inks; and then I began printing them with squares of color for the background and a different color ink for the image. This then morphed into attaching collections of these small images in patterns to form larger images.

I have re-created digitally here the type of visual images which I originally created by making numerous little colored woodcuts of Baba's face and then cutting and attaching them in patterns that appealed to me. I mostly did small pieces similar to the two below. But since I can create similar images digitally, I thought to create the larger piece digitally at the bottom.

woodcut of Meher Baba        woodcut of Meher Baba


woodcuts of Meher Baba

Truth in advertising demands that the idea to make these collages of Baba's face in different colors originated at a gallery exhibit where the artist had used actual postage stamps in patterns. The resulting art pieces were really wonderful. So this is my version of that idea.

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